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Sustainability lawyers

Poznań – Florencja / Polska – Włochy

Sustainable Law is a new legal area that combines public law with private and commercial law, and includes laws and regulations that implement a more sustainable economy and aim to raise awareness or sanction actions that have a harmful impact on the environment. An important part of Sustainable Law is the precise definition of the term “sustainability”, which we understand as the balancing of economy, business and law, and we do not mean sustainable development, because it does not solve existing problems. It is an outdated notion that does not correspond to current needs. We focus on promoting regenerative approaches that provide regenerative economics solutions. However, we use the term “sustainability” because the term “regenerative” is still unfamiliar to a wider audience.

Sustainable Law includes international treaties as well as national or supra-national laws. Environmental issues are high on the agenda, particularly global, regional and local initiatives to address climate change. Recognizing the connectivity of issues, Sustainable Law goes beyond the more established environmental law focus on physical impacts on nature to encompass a wide range of economic activities in finance, technology and services that, while having limited direct impact on the environment, can have significant indirect effects.

Sustainable Law is interdisciplinary and transgressive, not least in its expectation that sustainability is integrated into all economic activities, bringing together economics, science and legal perspectives on the development of a regenerative, solidarity-based, socially responsible and ethical economy. In this way, the law is part of commercial law, which is relevant to most sectors of the economy.

Our areas of expertise include fashion law - food law - cosmetic law

Inspiration: https://www.schjodt.no/en/our-expertise/sustainability-law/#

Sustainable Business Team members

Karolina Pruchniewicz - agri-food lawyer

Team leader. Association President. Legal advisor at RPMS Law Firm, where she is responsible for the international and food desk. Advisor of the Regional Innovator of the Food Industry from Poznan. A visiting PhD student at Wageningen University&Research (Netherlands) while preparing her PhD thesis in International Law at AFMCU in Krakow. Member of the Centre for Design, Fashion and Advertising Law (University of Silesia in Katowice). She holds Law degree obtained from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun and spend one-year as a scholar studying at the University of Salamanca. During her gap year (2010-2011) she was an intern at international start-up Webpotentials in Berlin, and in 2014 at the Polish Embassy and Consulate General in Rome. Since 2014 she has been working with Studio Legale de Capoa&Associati in Bologna and since 2020 as a food lawyer with MepLaw Law Firm in Rome. In 2020 she completed the Postgraduate course Participatory Plant Breeding & Resilient Seed Systems at the Graduate School for Production Ecology & Resource Conservation (Netherlands). Actually participant of the 2° Corso E-Learning di legislazione alimentare, analisi di scenario e di progetto (Università Piemonte Orientale, Italy) and Food Access course, a part of the Food Security and Sustainability Program at WUR. Publisher of cibodiritto.com, author of scientific and popular articles, speaker. She has considerable experience in providing services to international business entities in foreign languages: Italian, English and Spanish.

Silvia Cerbino - international trade lawyer

Advocate and member of the Florence Bar Association, practicing law at Studio Legale Cerbino&Partners in Tuscany. Mediator for civil and commercial issues (2018). She completed her legal studies at the University of Florence, which included a scholarship at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Wine Law from the University of Florence (2017) and she has recently obtained an Master of Business Administration from the University of People in Pasadena (California, USA). A former consultant for the Consumer Association of Florence. As an intern at the Court of Florence - Civil Section I she gained experience related to family law, personal rights, privacy and false claims, among others. Silvia shares her knowledge in Italian language also by #avvocato.in.un.click on Instagram, is an author of many expert articles and legal speaker at the various events in Italy. She has considerable experience in providing services to international business entities, assisting in the conclusion of contracts, analysis and resolution of disputes in the areas of corporate law, labour law and civil law, mainly concerning civil, contractual and non-contractual liability, in particular medical liability and accidents at work.

Małgorzata Sajkowska – corporate lawyer, IP&IT&NewTech

Trainee attorney-at-law at the Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law in Poznań. She graduated from the Faculty of Law at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and completed Postgraduate Studies in Intellectual Property Law at the University of Warsaw and the first edition of IT&TMT at the H. Grocjusz Intellectual Property Rights Center in Warsaw (2020). In 2021, she continues her education at the postgraduate studies in Law of New Technologies at the Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw. She has been gaining her professional experience since 2010 in reputable Poznań offices of legal advisers and tax advisers, rendering services to large enterprises, mainly related to transport and forwarding, liquid fuels trade, hotel industry and investment processes in construction. Since 2014, she has specialized in the protection of intellectual property rights. Currently, she works at RPMS Law Firm as a specialist in commercial law, intellectual property and law of new technologies. She provides corporate services to companies, including the processes of mergers, acquisitions and transformations. She also provides ongoing services for companies - mainly from the IT, new technologies, e-commerce and broadly defined creative industry.

Anna-Maria Sobczak - intellectual property lawyer

Trainee attorney-at-law the Bar Association in Poznan. She holds a graduate Diploma in Law from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. In 2017 she graduated from the School of Intellectual Property Rights and in 2020 from the IT&TMT School of New Technology Law (1st edition) at the H. Grotius Center for Intellectual Property Rights in Warsaw. She is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in NewTech Law at Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw and attending the CS50 course for lawyers at Harvard University (Cambridge, USA). From 2019, a lawyer at RPMS Law Firm and a specialist at the head of the IP&IT&TMT Desk. She has been assisting entrepreneurs and freelancers in matters of intellectual property law but also civil law, consumer rights, and combating unfair competition. Academic lecturer of the following subjects at Collegium Da Vinci University in Poznań: Media Law, Copyright in Film Production, Commercial Law and New Media and Advertising Law. An author of many expert articles and speaker on law and e-commerce at many events. You can follow her on Instagram, where she runs the profile #prawnik_mody.