“We live longer, but less accurately and with shorter sentences. We travel faster, more often, further, although instead of memories we bring slides…"
W. Szymborska

Today too many people want to be a captain on a ship instead of becoming a lighthouse where the ship will find its way. What’s more, most people consider themselves to be the best captains…
For this reason, we would like to invite you to cooperate in the implementation of changes in our resources (time, food, energy, health, finance and environment). We want to convince you that if you are a concious minimalist, it is easier to enjoy life!

Growing social awareness, more selective shopping is the only way to make the right choices that can meet our expectations. We need space for what is really needed for each of us, what is necessary for our well-being, and therefore for creativity, love and a good life.

The team


Culture manager, researcher of humanities and alternative organizations at the Jagiellonian University, amateur of permaculture and cooperative movement.


Intellectual property lawyer, trademarks, brand protection, copyright, fashion law.


Educator and vicedirector of a kindergarden, artist & garden lover.


Corporate lawyer, IP&IT&NewTech


Environmental engineer, atypical developer & lovely energy maker.


Regenerative economy advisor, ethical business advocate, prawo kosmetyczne.


Volunteer (the youngest activist)


Mentor, experienced advisor & full heart volunteer.


Environmental engineer, event supporter & vehicle regenerator.


Co-founder, ecological educator, zero waste fashionist & photo model in the spirit of slow fashion.


International business lawyer, trademark and Made in Italy protection, fashion and wine law.


Organic agriculture student, concerned about legal and political issues.

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