The we&waste community is an association of activists from every generation who, thanks to a long-term project carried out together, have organised themselves into a non-governmental organisation, currently under KRS (National Court Register) number: 0000430073. The pro-environmental association was formed thanks to the strong will to pursue pro-environmental goals together of volunteers who met through the organisation of an eco-picnic in Wilson Park in PoznaƄ in September 2019. From the very beginning, the main idea behind the formation of our community is widely understood environmental education. We&waste supports everyone in making changes in everyday life related to promoting good environmental practices and helps to introduce needed solutions using simple and earth-friendly ideas.

Our members are happy to organize meetings, events and celebrations in the spirit of zero waste, as well as conduct lectures and thematic workshops. We believe that the knowledge we share and regularly pass on to people interested in zero waste issues will increase social awareness and influence the decisions made by local society. With small steps, every day we build a better future in harmony with nature. We promote a valuable approach to the reality we live in: the constant rush, noise, fast food, deadlines - with no breaks and no time for everything - every day. We found this to be the best antidote to the rush of the modern world, which is a constant cycle of work-money-consumption. Growing social awareness, more selective shopping is the only way to be able to choose products that meet our expectations.

We speak Polish, English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Russian and even Arabic, and members range in age from 17 to 76. Our official headquarters are in Greater Poland, although we are a group without mental and physical boundaries, across all divisions for the sake of the world and our small homeland… We&waste has a legal form, an almost 10-year history of activity and a structure defined in the statute.