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Sustainability lawyers

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Sustainable Law is a new legal area that combines public law with private and commercial law, and includes laws and regulations that implement a more sustainable economy and aim to raise awareness or sanction actions that have a harmful impact on the environment. An important part of Sustainable Law is the precise definition of the term “sustainability”, which we understand as the balancing of economy, business and law, and we do not mean sustainable development, because it does not solve existing problems. It is an outdated notion that does not correspond to current needs. We focus on promoting regenerative approaches that provide regenerative economics solutions. However, we use the term “sustainability” because the term “regenerative” is still unfamiliar to a wider audience.

Sustainable Law includes international treaties as well as national or supra-national laws. Environmental issues are high on the agenda, particularly global, regional and local initiatives to address climate change. Recognizing the connectivity of issues, Sustainable Law goes beyond the more established environmental law focus on physical impacts on nature to encompass a wide range of economic activities in finance, technology and services that, while having limited direct impact on the environment, can have significant indirect effects.

Sustainable Law is interdisciplinary and transgressive, not least in its expectation that sustainability is integrated into all economic activities, bringing together economics, science and legal perspectives on the development of a regenerative, solidarity-based, socially responsible and ethical economy. In this way, the law is part of commercial law, which is relevant to most sectors of the economy.

Our areas of expertise include fashion law - food law - cosmetic law.

Inspiration: https://journals.openedition.org/sapiens/1610